Gypsum Board Production Plant

Gypsum Board Production Plant

Gypsum board features lightweight, fireproof, heat and noise isolation, which is widely applied in architectural engineering, suitable for dry construction, performs a good convenience and quality in engineering. VOSTOSUN is dedicated to developing and manufacturing plasterboard plant since 2005, offers qualified products and professional services to customers from all over the world. 

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Services we offer include:
● Customized complete plasterboard plant, production power from 2 million m2/year to 50 million m2/year. Also offers various devices according to your needs;
● Improve or exchange customer’s devices with problem according to customer’s requirement;
● Consulting and technical improving service on your existing plants, to improve production quality and save cost;
● We offer a complete plasterboard plant production management and maintenance service if you lack operation and management personnel, to achieve better economic benefit for you;
● Plasterboard factory designing and planning service;
● We can offer you the best formula by analyzing the materials you use to produce plasterboard, to ensure quality of the products.

Our gypsum board production plant consists of multiple units responsible for several processes, controlled by integrated controlling system. Units include:



1. The paper rectifying system is a brand-new automatic product of our company. Compared with ordinary rectifying device, this device can realize automatic, rapid and agile adjustment;

2. The gypsum powder feeding system adopts the circulation mode to ensure that the powder is supplied without pressure when it is fed into the metering equipment. The powder homogenization, cooling and stable feeding can be achieved by using this process;

3. Gypsum powder weighing belt conveyor realizes the accurate control of powder, and the powder measurement error can be controlled within ± 1%, which provides a strong guarantee for fine production;

4. The latest independent research and development of no pin mixer; the reasonable layout of the position relationship between the feeding ports of the equipment, the mixing effect of gypsum slurry is enhanced to the greatest extent, it can mix raw materials together better, and improve the internal quality of products and meet the requirements of production process;

5. The internal design of the mixer includes new design concepts such as mixing with water distributor, rotating upper scraper, etc., which can avoid gypsum bonding inside the mixer, enhance the mixing effect of gypsum slurry, and reduce equipment maintenance time to the greatest extent; The newly designed water distributor in the mixer makes use of the principle of centrifugal force to evenly mix the raw materials such as mixed water, gypsum powder and foaming agent into the mixer, which has met the requirements of production process;

6.The molding machine adopts new automation design, adopts new design concepts such as automatic adjustment of extrusion plate and automatic glue adding system, so as to reduce personnel operation to the greatest extent, improve automation procedures, avoid the production of defective products due to human factors, and reduce equipment maintenance time. The inclined storage method is designed to store more gypsum slurry and avoid slurry leakage and empty edge when gypsum slurry is unstable;

7. The new automatic control is adopted in the plate cutting machine, which can realize accurate plate cutting with an error of ± 1 mm, ensure the amount of plate trimming and the controllability of subsequent process;

8. The dryer is a self-developed technology of our company, which adopts the longitudinal air flow drying process. The air volume, wind direction and air temperature of hot air are controlled, which effectively ensures the drying temperature curve of the plate. The outer layer of the dryer adopts the heat break bridge insulation process, which reduces the heat dissipation of the dryer body. The entrance of the dryer is equipped with the plate chasing acceleration device, which effectively ensures the distance between the front and rear plates To avoid excessive fire caused by the large span between the front and rear plates, and to ensure the heat uniformity of each layer.


● Unique impeller feeder and accurate electronic belt weigh ensures the reliability of gypsum powder feeding;
● PLC system featuring centralized control and data sharing, able for monitoring and adjusting every procedure on production line, to ensure normal running.
● Drying system applies horizontal-vertical hot air circulation structure to ensure plasterboards are heated evenly.
● Self-developed new-type mixer, which is able to prevent slurry from caking, an is energy-saving.

Regular Sizes of Gypsum Board Plant Produced Plasterboard

Length: 1.2m-4m
Width: 1.2-1.4m
Thickness: 7mm-12mm
Drywall plant, Consumption of Raw Material (Take 9.5mm thickness board for example)

Raw Material Designation Consumption(kg/㎡)
Gypsum powder 5.7-6.1
Faced Paper 210/㎡ 0.42
Water 4.3-4.9
Modified Starch 0.25-0.30
Foaming Agency 0.008-0.011
Emulsion (White Latex) 0.006-0.007
Electricity 0.3-0.4 kwh
Coal 0.7-1.0 kg (6000 Kcal)

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