Ultrafine Ring Roller Mill

Ultrafine Ring Roller Mill

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Working Principle

VSG series ring roller mill uses the principle of impact, extrusion and grinding to crush materials. The structure of multiple layers and multiple crushing pairs makes this product have the following characteristics:


1> Large crushing ratio and high energy utilization rate. Calcium carbonate with a particle size of<10 mm is processed into fine powder of<10µm at one time, and the fine powder of - 2.5µm accounts for about 40%, with a large specific surface area. It has the advantages of high efficiency and low consumption of powder produced by high-speed impact crusher, and has the product fineness close to that of air mill.


2> The particle size of the product is adjustable and the fineness is good. It is the ideal equipment for the dry production of non-metallic ore fines. The main machine is equipped with a grading mechanism. The grading wheel has a unique structure and does not run coarse powder. The fineness of the product can be adjusted according to needs. It can produce fine powder with D97=5-8 µ m and coarse powder with D97=10-40µm.


3> Energy saving: It is a kind of fine grinding equipment with the lowest energy consumption at present. According to the data of Hefei Cement Research and Design Institute, the comprehensive power consumption (kwh/t) of several commonly used equipment for producing D97<10µm heavy calcium fine powder: Raymond mill 130, impact mill 260, vertical mill 175, dry sand mill 150, vibration mill 160, ball mill 160, and ring roller mill 95.

Main Specification

Particle Standard VSG89 VSG 189 VSG 219




Capacity (kg/h)  


Capacity (kg/h)  


Capacity (kg/h)  


600 28μm     4500~5000 30    
800 18μm 2500~2800 43 3500~4200 42 3500~4200 40
1250 10μm 1500~1800 67 2000~2500 75 2000~2500 72
1500 9μm 1000~1300 92 1500~2000 95 1600~2100 92
2000 7.8μm 650~750 125 1000~1500 113 1100~1600 110
2500 5.5μm 600~650 135 800~1200 123 900~1300 119
Power   152kw 237kw 237kw


Data test by Calcite( feeding size <10mm,Moisture<5%)
  Different minerals different data; Particle size was analyzed by OMEC INC and Malvern Ltd.


Technical Parameter

Specification VSG-89 VSG-189 VSG-219
Grinding dia (mm) 840 930 960


Rotary wheel <990 <990 <990
  Classifier <1500 <1500 <1500



Main motor 75 132 132
  Classifier 22 22 30
  Blower motor 55 75 75
  Total 152kw 237kw 237kw
Output(kg/h) 500~3000 1500~3500 1500~4300




Data by the industry of Calcite( feeding size

<10mm,Moisture<5%)Different minerals different data;Particle size was analyzed by OMEC INC and Malvern Ltd.


VSG289 chart2

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