What is the difference between cone crusher and jaw crusher?


When it comes to crushing equipment, two popular choices are cone crushers and jaw crushers. While both types of crushers are used to crush materials, the significant difference between them is the way they are constructed. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the differences between cone crushers and jaw crushers.

First, the cone crusher has a crushing cavity that rotates within the concave surface of the bowl. When the mantle comes into contact with the bowl during its rotational motion, it crushes the material between them. On the other hand, a jaw crusher has fixed and movable jaws. The material is broken by applying pressure between the two jaws.

Another point to consider is feed size. The working principle of the cone crusher is to squeeze the material between the eccentric rotating main shaft and the concave surface, while the working principle of the jaw crusher is to use the movable jaw to press the material against the fixed jaw. As the name suggests, cone crushers are used to crush rocks and ores, while jaw crushers are used to crush large-sized materials.

The working principles of cone crusher and jaw crusher are different. As the name suggests, cone crushers work on a conical core, while jaw crushers have fixed and movable jaws. Cone crushers crush materials through the rotation of an eccentric sleeve, while jaw crushers crush materials by squeezing them against a fixed plate.

In terms of applications, cone crushers are widely used in underground mining operations, ore processing plants and quarry applications. On the other hand, the jaw crusher is mainly used to break various stones and block materials into medium-grained gravel. They are commonly used in the construction, mining, metallurgical and chemical industries.

To sum up, cone crushers and jaw crushers have different structures and working principles. Cone crushers are used to crush rocks and ores, while jaw crushers are used to crush larger sized materials. Their applications also differ, with cone crushers being more popular in mining and quarrying operations, while jaw crushers are used for more general purposes such as construction and metallurgy. When choosing the right type of crusher for your needs, it is important to consider the specific requirements and application of the material you plan to crush.

Post time: Nov-30-2023