Single Cylinder Dryer

In the biomass pellet production process, raw materials are a very critical factor. The moisture content of raw materials needs to be 13-15% to produce beautiful, smooth and high qualified pellets. The raw materials of many buyers generally have high moisture content. Therefore, if you want to press high qualified pellets, the rotary dryer is particularly important in the biomass pellet production line.

At present, in the biomass pellet production line process, drum dryers and air flow dryers are mostly used. With the advancement of technology, air flow dryers have been gradually eliminated. So today we will talk about drum dryers. Drum dryers are divided into two types: single-cylinder dryers and three-cylinder dryers. Many customers are confused, which model should they choose? Today we will introduce how to choose a rotary drum dryer.

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Drum dryers are mainly used to dry wet materials such as powder, particles, and small pieces, and are widely used in energy, fertilizer, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. This product has the advantages of large drying capacity, stable operation, low energy consumption, easy operation and high output. In the wood pellet production line process, if the moisture content of the raw material does not meet the granulation requirements, it needs to be dried. The drum dryer is a widely used drying equipment that can dry wood chips, straw, rice husk, and other materials. The equipment is simple to operate and stable in operation.

Single-cylinder dryer: The lifting plate in the cylinder is designed with multiple angles to make the material form a material curtain in the cylinder.

The contact surface between materials and hot air is high, the thermal efficiency is high, and the drying effect is good. The structure is reasonably designed and easy to maintain. It has a wide range of materials.

Three-cylinder dryer: 1. Three-cylinder design, high thermal efficiency utilization and large production capacity. 2. Three-cylinder structure, occupying less area. 3. Suitable for large-scale drying production lines such as sawdust and powder materials.

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Applicable raw materials:
Single-cylinder dryer: It is suitable for a wide range of materials, and can be used for various types of materials. It is widely used in biomass such as alfalfa drying, alcohol grain drying, straw drying, sawdust drying, wood shavings drying, Chinese herbal medicine drying, distiller's grain drying, and sugarcane bagasse drying; widely used in chemical industry, mining, agriculture, feed (crude fiber, concentrated feed), fertilizer and other industries

It is relatively transparent, the space is relatively large, the material is relatively smooth, and there will be no material clogging. The single-cylinder dryer can adapt to the working conditions and needs of various materials.

For the fuel industry, the three-cylinder dryer is suitable for biomass with relatively good fluidity, which is in the form of small particles like sawdust. Since the direction of material travel is constantly changing and all materials are transported by wind, the space for material passing is small and there are certain restrictions on raw materials; industrial solid waste is not suitable because industrial solid waste has poor fluidity, such as waste cloth, plastic bags, and some garbage , after entering the cylinder, the space is small and the performance is not good; feed, crude fiber is not suitable, there will be grass fiber in it, which will cause expansion and blockage. If it is concentrated feed, it can be applied, such as grain, bran, corn, as soon as the bone meal is mixed in, it can be dried without swelling or clogging.

From the above comparison, when we consider dryer selection, the main issues we consider are whether your dryer is suitable for this kind of material, its material feeding conditions, and the smoothness of the material passing. We can choose the appropriate dryer according to the material to achieve the highest drying efficiency.


Post time: Jun-01-2024