Mobile Crushing Plant

The mobile crushing plant is a new type of crusher equipment that is often used in areas such as roads, railways, construction waste, etc. where processed materials need to be moved. The mobile crushing plant is an independent unit that can complete the crushing work alone, or multiple pieces of equipment can be operated together to form a powerful production line.

Types of mobile crushing plant

Mobile crushing plants can be divided into crawler-type mobile crushing plants and tire-type mobile crushing plants according to different driving methods.

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The crawler-type mobile crushing plant can be moved by itself and operated by wireless remote control. It is mostly used in mountainous areas, wetlands and harsh mining environments.

The tire-type mobile crusher plant is semi-mobile and needs to be towed by a semi-trailer when traveling. It is mostly used for construction waste disposal, earthworks, and construction.

According to different crusher machines, mobile crushing plants can be divided into mobile jaw crushing plants, mobile impact crushing plants, mobile cone crushing plants, etc.

Compare crawler-type and tire-type mobile crusher plants

The difference between the two mainly has the following aspects:

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Moving method:

The crawler mobile crushing plant adopts a crawler chassis, which can drive stably in complex terrain and harsh environments;

The tire mobile crushing plant adopts a tire chassis and is more suitable for flat and relatively stable construction sites.

Different application scenarios:

Since the crawler chassis of the crawler type mobile plant has excellent passability and can cope with muddy, uneven ground and rugged mountain roads, it has more advantages in complex terrain and bad weather;

The tire mobile crusher machine is more suitable for flat sites such as urban construction.

Working efficiency:

When the tire mobile crushing plant is working, the stability of the entire plant is increased because the hydraulic legs under the frame are fixed. Stability is the basis for the operation of a mobile crushing plant. Good stability enables the entire plant to be equipped with large-scale crusher machine. In other words, the tire crushing plant can crush large materials with high working efficiency;

The stability of the crawler mobile crushing plant is weak, so its crushing capacity is not as efficient as the tire crushing plant.

Equipment performance:

The tire-type crushing plant has a short wheelbase, a small turning radius, does not damage the road surface, and can travel flexibly in the working area;

The crawler crushing plant adopts crawler walking mode and can realize in-situ steering. Through wireless remote control operation, it is easy to drive the crusher onto the trailer and transport it to the work site.

Working principle

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The main crusher machine of the mobile crushing plant can be jaw crusher, impact crusher, and cone crusher. The material is evenly transported to the crusher through the feeder. After being initially crushed by the crusher, a circular vibrating screen forms a closed-circuit system to realize the cyclic crushing of the material. Materials that meet the particle size requirements are output by the belt conveyor to achieve production purposes.

The mobile crushing plant can also remove the circular vibrating screen according to actual production needs, directly crush the materials initially, and then cooperate with other crushing equipment to perform specific operations, which is convenient and flexible.

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Post time: Jun-21-2024